Creating your Work-Life Balance

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.

- Jana Kingsford

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Do you lack a healthy work-life balance? Ponder that for a minute... One thing that makes me really sad is seeing people with a real lack of work-life balance. You know the ones, working back late (either voluntarily or feeling obligated), putting in time on weekends, missing family time… we all know someone. Hey, maybe it’s you?

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a name and shame. This is a hard and fast reality check on your work-life balance and what you can do to create that balance where it’s lacking.

Having worked in the corporate world for 12 years (well, as corporate as Coffs Harbour can get, haha), I’ve seen firsthand the amount of time people dedicate to their jobs, both when they are the owner of the business and when they are an employee. Early starts, working through lunch, finishing late and working over the weekends, do people not have a life outside of the office?

Of course I know that they do, they have families, play sports, have hobbies and social engagements to attend, yet it seems like work often trumps all of that and has taken over people’s lives. There is usually a huge imbalance which leads to unhealthy habits, and eventual physical, mental and emotional health issues.

I used to be one of these people. There were times (years) that i preferred to be at work rather than being at home. It was somewhere to escape, i needed the extra money and well, I've always had a solid work ethic. But when we pour too much of ourselves into one thing, the lack of love and attention paid to other parts of our lives starts to show.

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What are some signs you're spending too much time on work, and not enough time on you?

  • you cancel plans last minute because something came up at work

  • you get home late and miss dinner with the family

  • you skip your yoga class because you're too tired from work

  • you go into the office early to get a head start on the day

  • you go into work on weekends/your days off to see how everything is going

  • you take work home

  • you're constantly checking work emails so you can action things straight away

Does any of this sound familiar? I could go on...

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So, what can you do to create a work-life balance for Your Intention?

  • stop taking work home

  • stick to working your contracted/rostered hours and minimise, if not completely stop, the overtime

  • make time for yourself, even if you have to schedule it

  • make time for your partner and family

  • spend time with friends, it is so important to socialise

  • don't over commit, leave space to be quiet, still and spontaneous

  • set boundaries

  • prioritise the things that make you feel good (yoga, meditation, a beer down the beach)

Putting yourself first isn't selfish. In fact, filling your cup first is the most important thing you can do in order to to then gift your time and energy to others.

What will you do this week (or stop doing) to start bringing your work-life back into balance?

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