Cultivating Stillness

The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.

- Rumi

Photo by Ebony Zander

How often do you stop everything and simply be still?

I'm talking real moments of stillness. Quiet mind, still body and total presence in the moment.

In a busy, distracted and detached world it can be really easy to get lost in time and forget to stop and get still. But, it can be just as easy to cultivate more stillness by beginning a practice and creating that self awareness to bring you into the present moment.

Photo by Jessi Simpson @bloompress

I've never been one to always be "doing". I crave moments of stillness and the more my self awareness grows the more these moments become integral to my health, healing and growth.

I've been really enjoying cultivating more stillness into my everyday life. Noticing those moments where i can simply just be, totally present, almost like i'm paused in time, held by the energy and vibrations of Mother Earth.

I find stillness in the simple things. A particular song might come on and immediately i am taken to another place, suspended in time. Or, i can be looking up to the nights sky, enwrapped by the the cosmos, lost in time and space.

Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash

Some of my favourite ways to cultivate stillness are:

  • sitting by the ocean, entranced by the rolling waves

  • watching the sunrise / sunset

  • taking 5-10 deep breaths, eyes closed and feeling the breath sweep through and calm my entire body

  • sitting in nature, listening to the birds

  • making a cup of tea and slowly sipping away

  • staring up at the clouds

  • stargazing

To get completely still and become fully present means we can connect inward and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves. We can listen to what's happening within, and without judgement, we can watch what's going on and hold space for ourselves.

We are our own medicine, our own masters, our own healers.

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