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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I met Amy last year when we both signed up for a 7 month chakra workshop, making the conscious decision to dive deeper into our bodies through our chakras, we were held in such an incredibly supportive and transforming group of women, unfolding layers of ourselves, letting go of stories that have bound us in unhealthy habits, and surrendering all that no longer served us.

The shifts i've witnessed in Amy in the short amount of time i have known her have me in awe. Reading her words below, it was like she was speaking through me. She truely is a Soul Speaker and i am so proud of this woman for the personal work she has done and continues to do and for her stepping into her light and supporting others as they journey deep into their souls.

Settle in and prepare yourself for all the goosebumps as you read. You can connect with Amy via the details below.

Hi, I’m Amy! I am a highly empathic woman and I love to live life in a way that lights my soul up. At the moment I’m vibing with a life that’s slow, soft, sensual & fun! I can tune into energies other than my own, I feel what others are feeling and I often ‘just know’ things. I run a soul business based around these gifts of mine and I’m completely in love with what I do.

My life wasn’t always like this. I used to be disconnected and overwhelmed, incapable of being vulnerable. I lived in my head, when what I craved was heart and soul. I wore masks, when what I dreamed of was freedom to be unique. I pushed and strived, when what I really wished for was time, space and rest. I suppressed my emotions and put everyone else first, when what I ached for was a connection with my truest self. I worked with people as an Occupational Therapist but it wasn’t going deep enough for me – I needed to be reaching people at the level of soul.

Fast forward through some epic soul lessons and years of “doing the inner work’ and now I have remembered who I am. I am a soul guide, a light bringer and a teacher. I take women through deep inner journeys of embodiment and energy mastery. I teach women to bring their soul back into their body and live with pure presence. When we journey to the deepest parts of ourselves and call our soul there…WOW!!!

What is Your Intention?

For this year I made a list of intentions for how I wanted to live my life but the overarching intention was ALIGNMENT. For me that means only doing what resonates 100% for me, nothing less; and choosing my highest timeline in every moment. No acting from obligation, no apologising – just pure alignment with my truth and my own magnificence!

How do you stay aligned with Your Intention/s?

By staying present, it’s the key to everything. It’s only when we are racing through life, completely out of touch with our body and the present moment that we forget. When we are present – we always remember our intentions, we can FEEL them; so we know what we need to do in the moment to stay aligned. In every moment of every day, I’m striving to stay present. I also have different practices and invocations to support myself.

Do you have a daily ritual or routine to keep you on track? Or are you more of an ‘in the moment’ and flow with the day type of human?

Hmmmm I did use to love having the perfect routine mapped out for my spiritual practice but I had to let that go. My life became even more intentional when I began to flow with my own body’s cycles and the cycles of my kids and family. So my routine changes throughout the month and year but the one thing that I make sure I do every day (preferably when I first wake up) is to get out in nature and spend time with myself. No agenda, just being in my body, in nature and in my own energy. I also have little rituals I use as soon as I wake up (before I even get out of bed) and also before bed, like opening my heart, saying some invocations and tending to my energy field.

In 5 words, how would you describe yourself?

I love to push boundaries so I’m going to go with 6 words haha!!

Sensitive, intuitive, soulful, loving, radiant & fun!

How do you bring more stillness to your life?

My whole life has become a stillness practice really, LOL! Being a Mum of 3, running 2 businesses (my soul business and the construction business I run with my Husband), I have had to prioritise stillness, in order to live a life led by my soul. Otherwise I get lost in the ‘busyness’. As a family, we have made a huge shift over the past few years, to slow down, prioritise rest and really pare back our schedules. In my experience, the more you slow down, the more space there is for the miracles to flow in. It’s a big shift to make in the society we live in (because it isn’t necessarily the norm) but it is so worth it for the connections with each other and the joy it allows. So the things we do to bring that stillness are:

  • Turning off tv, phones etc. Quietness and stillness go hand in hand for me. If my environment is quiet, I can get still and quiet myself.

  • Being in nature.

  • Ditching the ‘shoulds’ so we have less commitments, less in our schedule and just the space to be still. To just BE.

In the really busy moments, I use my breath as an anchor and I imagine sending each inhale way down into my pelvis.

There are so many incredible tools available to keep us centered and grounded in our truth. What’s one tool you’re currently vibing?

Ohhhhh I love this question – I have many little energetic practices I use to bring my soul back into my body so that I am embodied and present but what I’m loving right now is the simple act of putting my hand on my heart for a few moments and taking all of my attention there. I’ll breathe deeply and say something simple like “I love you, you are doing an amazing job” I instantly feel my heart energy activate and then I’m instantly connected to my soul; my truth.

Give us some gold you’ve been able to find while sifting through the self-development dirt pan? 

Accept every moment as if you had chosen it – that one I learnt from Ekhart Tolle and it makes such a big difference to how we perceive and react to things in the moment.

Some sage advice regarding the self-development world – don’t over consume! It’s great to have some key teachers or guides that you resonate with but make sure that everything you learn, you bring it into your own energy field and see how it fits for you and your specific journey. Because really, everything we think we need to learn is within us; we are simply on a journey of remembering. Listen to your body and take on only what feels good for you. Over-consuming of books/podcasts/social media accounts etc can make you feel scattered and confused. I love to learn from mentors who really activate my energy (I can feel my energy upgrading) and send me deep within myself for the answers.

What are your top 3 tips for health, healing & growth?

  1. Learn to tune into your body and it will tell you everything you need to know.

  2. Unconditional love; always. For others, for yourself, for your body. You won’t get there every time, in every moment, but the practice of it is what’s important.

  3. We don’t need healing. We are all already whole ad perfect. Our work, is in accepting and loving our whole self. With our light and dark, our love and hate, our traumas and our pain. Practice unconditional love for it all.

Any last words or advice for those creating an intention led life?

Stay present in as many moments as you can! Be brave and feel everything that comes up for you!! You are whole, you are perfect, you are loved.

Connect with Amy here:


IG amybianchi


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