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I first met Roh back in 2013, when we'd both joined a group fitness training in Coffs Harbour. I still remember her vibrant, playful personality and passion for life, which 6 years on is exploding from her more than ever.

As i had this idea of showcasing the incredible lightworkers i know, Roh was at the top of my list. I've followed and witnessed this courageous woman find her inner light and allow it to shine onto the world. Putting in the work, facing the darkest depths of her being and stepping up into her truth, her insight and wisdom from years of personal development and growth is inspiring and i'm so grateful she has shared so openly with us.

Make yourself a cuppa and get ready to be inspired! You can also read more of Roh's story on her socials as she's currently sharing 30 truths in 30 days (links below).

I am Aroha, known as Roh. Business Owner, Life Lover, Nature obsessed Mama Bear!

My childhood was colourful, my magnificent Mum was an independent Mama of 4 girls, my Father distant as he went through his own challenges. Going through teen-hood I experienced my own version of personal traumas, the dysfunctional first love, unexpected teen pregnancy, severe PND then letting go of being a Mother in order to heal - this led me inward, on a quest of healing, discovering and opening to spirituality. Today I am 10 years into that journey I have gained profound wisdom and knowledge, found the gifts in my lessons, unraveled in order to remember who my Soul is and why I was put on this Earth. 

I have spent my time learning, growing, evolving and cultivating my gifts in order to live even more aligned with the life, love and vision of my Soul's desires.

What is Your Intention?

My primary intention in life is to be Present, Loving and Grounded in who I am and to parent in a calm and compassionate way.

My Intention for the work I do is to be a light for Woman, helping them to feel safe and supported. My Soul's mission is to awaken them to a deepened spiritual practice in order for emotional and energetic healing from unconscious and generational patterns can be possible.

How do you stay aligned with Your Intention/s?

I have a beautiful morning ritual that I call my Alignment Practice. It is my absolute favourite part of each day. I rise each morning 2 hours before my children and go through these:

  • Intuitive Stretch/Dance - This tunes me into my feminine, it connects me into my body and awakens my energy body.

  • Mission statement -  Reminds me of and brings my purpose to the forefront of my mind, reprograms my subconscious. I declare to the Universe my purpose and mission, how I spend my time, how I fulfill my mission, and what I receive in return for being of service - some crystal clear communication with the Universe!

  • 20 minute meditation - Anchor in my Mission Statement, release any tension, allow space for downloads to come through.

  • Visualisation - If I its not covered in my Meditation I do a quick 1-2 minutes on daydreaming on my Vision, I smile and feel the feelings.

  • Journal - This is my creative outlet and also where I come to express any thoughts, feelings or emotions that are on my heart. Such a powerful practice and helps me gain so much clarity.

Do you have a daily ritual or routine to keep you on track? Or are you more of an ‘in the moment’ and flow with the day type of human?

We have a loose routine, although with 2 young kids some days are unpredictable. Right now as my business expands, I’m at a point where even more structure and organisation through my days is very necessary, so I am setting boundaries around my time and also currently calling in even more support for my kiddos.

In 5 words, how would you describe yourself?

Open, Curious, Excited, Headstrong yet Flowingly Feminine

How do you bring more stillness to your life?

  • Meditation

  • Goddess Baths - essential oils, magnesium salts, salt lamp and meditation music

  • Nature - sunshine on skin or bare feet on Earth

  • Early Mornings and Late Evenings - while the kids sleep. It’s a priority and so important for me to find space to rejuvenate. In this intentionally cultivated time I prioritise getting still and refuelling my energy

There are so many incredible tools available to keep us centered and grounded in our truth. What’s one tool you’re currently vibing?

MEDITATION! Meditation helps me to ground into my truth and anchor into my heart space, especially if i'm feeling overwhelmed or anxious. It took a long time to commit to this magnificent practice, once I finally did my life and energy dramatically shifted. It is such a major life hack.

Give us some gold you’ve been able to find while sifting through the self-development dirt pan? 

SO much but at the forefront of my mind; My number 1 piece of gold is to implement the work you invest in!

If you don’t shift your inner most dominating thoughts and patterns then your reality is literally just a well rehearsed past. Meaning your subconscious mind just keeps repeating the patterns you learned in your early life, each time we are emotionally triggered we retract back into these old emotional patterns. The subconscious is filled with loops, so your reality is literally happening over and over, in different textures. People DO want to change their lives but it doesn’t happen as effortlessly because of these subconscious patterns. Through intentional habits it is possible to reprogram, and break these patterns, to assist this process it is helpful to become aware of what your patterns actually are.

It is so important to shift out of being a victim of your history. We must remember that life is happening FOR us; for us to learn the lessons, to gain the wisdom, to cultivate the knowledge. You cannot be a master of your destiny until you can find the Devine in your history.

What are your top 3 tips for health, healing & growth?


DRINK more water! 

Educate yourself. Then see what works best for you, your body and lifestyle. You know your body and vitality more than anyone on this Earth. If you are low energy and lethargic then you need to take charge and explore WHY, change it up, explore what helps you feel full of life and vitality, your body is always whispering to you

Mindset! Work on your mindset, the way you are around health is influenced greatly by your mind. If you have patterns around food that no longer serve you - it could be time to ask some deeper questions


Meditate!! Once you begin meditating, your energy begins to shift and you're able to really listen in for direction, it strengthens your intuition and helps to really start trusting yourself. Follow Souls call. All you need is within you right now - Soul/Intuition that deep inner knowing will guide you in your healing if you listen and allow.


Invest in yourself! Go to a personal development seminar or a woman's circle gathering, the more you can grow and expand the more you can uncover even more of your gifts and wisdom. You expanding and getting out of the safety of your comfort brings immense value to the world. I truly believe that your greatest investment is in yourself.

Any last words or advice for those creating an intention led life?

Living an intention led life is a is a sure way to create a fun, fulfilled and juicy life. To me, it gives a sense of ensuring you get what you want from of this lifetime. Tune in and be led by your vision of your future - be defined by your vision of your future rather than the memories of your past. Create a vision from inspiration, from your highest self and reverse engineer from there, then go to work. Release what needs to be released, heal what needs to be healed and learn what needs to be learned in order to create the life you envision. The most important piece is to HAVE FUN, this beautiful life is the most magnificent journey ever, it is a journey of growing and evolving. It is so beneficial to create intentions for how you want life to be, then lean inward and trust that the Universe has your back.

If you have any questions, or feel called to reach out and share what resonated, or would like to learn more about my story and offerings - please feel free to add me on my social platforms.

IG lifeisbeautiful_roh


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