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I've known Lara for a number of years but our souls really began to connect early 2018 when we found ourselves working together. Lara had joined our firm 6 weeks before I was heading to India for my YTT and she was so supportive of this huge, life changing trip I was about to embark on, as soon as I was back she was ready to dive in to classes and has been one of my biggest supporters since as i've transitioned from accounting into the health and wellness realm.

I've watched Lara's transition into this realm as well and her courage and strength is truly inspiring. Lara has recently returned home from India and opened her wellness studio in Coffs Harbour. She has such a kind heart and i'm so proud of her remembering her light and sharing it with the world.

Always in divine timing, the universe sends us what and who we are meant to have in our lives, and I feel very strongly that Lara and I's friendship blossomed at a time where we can grow and support each other through our personal journeys and development.

Enjoy Lara's inspiring journey and tips for living with intention. You can connect with Lara via the details below.

Hi I’m Lara. I just started a business called Just Breathe Wellness Studio.

My whole life I felt I wanted to help people but never really knew how and in what capacity. Over the years I toyed with maybe teaching, maybe counselling, maybe some kind of personal development coach but nothing really resonated. I started regularly practicing yoga over 2 years ago. I initially started practicing to help me physically, only to discover it was helping me mentally and emotionally. I felt less stressed and more calm. A year ago I did my first Reiki course and have since learnt more about energy healing.  The intention was to learn energy healing to help others but I have actually found it has ended up helping me with my own healing. Essential oils then entered my life and I really started feeling in control of my emotions. I have always, like most of us, felt I had no control of my emotions. I felt what I felt and that was it. I use the oils to shift a mood/emotion and I can also use them to help me move into a mood/emotion. My most recent personal growth came from going to India for five weeks to do my yoga teacher training. I think I was out of my comfort zone physically, emotionally and mentally the whole time, but with that came an amazing shift of perception of self and the world around me. It was the hardest most amazing experience I have had in my life and I am truly changed for it. 

These amazing tools along with my self journey have helped me become empowered with how I feel and how I choose to react. They are such invaluable tools to have on hand and now I want to share them with the world. I love this journey of reconnection to self. I’m still discovering bits about myself and good, bad or ugly I’m facing them and really learning to love who I am. Everyone should get to be ok with who they are and I really want to help people reconnect to their true inner selves and feel some of the joy through this rediscovery of self.

At my Just Breathe Wellness Studio I will share these tools through yoga classes, teaching meditation, teaching breathing techniques and essential oil workshops.

What is Your Intention?

To connect and empower my true inner self and help others connect and empower their true inner selves.

How do you stay aligned with Your Intention/s?

It’s been a lot of focus on self worth and learning to walk my true path. I am still a work in progress but I keep trying to ensure that what I do on a daily basis is taking me towards my purpose and that is ok if some days I slip. I’m learning to ease up on myself and I am working on not buying into that harmful negative self critic.

Do you have a daily ritual or routine to keep you on track? Or are you more of an ‘in the moment’ and flow with the day type of human?

I’ve always been a routine gal but now I’m trying to let go and trust. I’m embracing “go with the flow”. It’s not easy being in the moment and staying flexible when you’ve spent your whole life organising everything into a routine and are used to feeling in control. I’ve taken a few large leaps of faith recently and they have all had very positive outcomes so I’m going to continue to break with routine and see where it takes me.

Lara graduating from her 200hr YTT

In 5 words, how would you describe yourself?

Caring, sensitive, optimistic, brave, creative.

How do you bring more stillness to your life? Yoga, meditation and sitting on my back deck looking at the bush land behind us. Stillness is still a challenge for me so at the moment I’m aiming to just slow things down. I’m working on being more present and in the moment. Stillness will definitely become more frequent as the awareness and intention is there. 

There are so many incredible tools available to keep us centered and grounded in our truth. What’s one tool you’re currently vibing?

I have two on equal standing that I couldn’t live without and keep me constantly vibing, yoga and essential oils. Both have been game changers for me in how I go through my day to day. They have both given me the means to bring my emotions back in check. I now feel I have power over my emotions rather than the other way around. 

Give us some gold you’ve been able to find while sifting through the self-development dirt pan? 

You and only you are responsible for how you feel. It is hugely empowering once you realise it’s up to you how you react and feel. You can change any emotion you are feeling.  You get to decide how to look at things, react to things and how you feel about things. Take the power back!!!

What are your top 3 tips for health, healing & growth?

Slow down, listen intuitively to yourself, after all only we really know what we need and of course.... just breathe.

Any last words or advice for those creating an intention led life?

I’m going to quote Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change that you want to see in the world “. I truly love, believe and live this.

Connect with Lara here:

IG justbreathews


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