Pilgrimage of the Heart - Part 3

Call it a clan; call it a network; call it a tribe; call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

- Jane Howard

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I used to think I had to do things on my own. To prove myself, my ability, my worth. But really it was my ego and no doubt conditioning from modern day society that to be any kind of success you should be self made. It's only been within the last few weeks that i've decided to let this idea go. Yes, I am fully able to do all the things I wish, but what if we actually let others in, to help, to share; to carry the load?

With my recent weeks volunteering, i'm being called to share my feelings on community, family (not necessarily blood related), connection to like minded people and finding a sense of belonging within a tribe.

I've always felt a little like I didn't truly fit or belong. Growing up and not really knowing who I was or where I fit in turned me into being a chameleon of sorts, people pleasing and following the crowds and trends, instead of dancing to the beat of my own drum and discovering all the parts of myself. I mentioned in part two that I have an amazing group of friends still from high school. We were part of a larger group but as time passed and we grew older friendships grew apart. To me this is ok, it's part of life, times change and people change, everything is constantly moving and as we evolve through our own experiences and self development, we let go of things (including relationships) that no longer serve us. It shouldn't be seen as bad, it simply is.

As a young adult I found it hard to connect with new people I met, friends of friends etc (it wasn't always the case, but most of the time). Reflecting back, it was because we did not align on multiple levels. I didn't realise it back then, in fact, I often wondered if there was something wrong with me (fueled by harsh words of past flames), but energetically I was different, I just hadn't connected and tapped into that yet.

The sense of family and belonging has always been important to me though. This is actually what kept me going in my 9-5 job so long. We were family (still are!) and to me that is super important! I mean, you can often spend more time with your work colleagues that you can your immediate families.

Vinyasa Yoga School 200hr Family

What I loved about my YTT was the connection with like minded humans. It was the first time I ever really felt like I belonged and fit in with people I hadn't known for years. I've never found it easy to be around new people or make new friends, but i'd also rarely met people on my wavelength.

It's like India awakened my soul and turned up my frequency. Upon returning home I began to connect with new people (and actually wanted to) and even found wonderful new connections with people i'd known for years. I began to crave meeting like minded people and this was really the beginning of me stepping into my power and out of the fear that i'd kept myself in by staying in my little comfort bubble.

La Casa Shambala Family

Being at La Casa Shambala and again being immersed with a group of yogi's and like minded souls, it too felt like being with family. The vibe there is promoted as such a tight community and since leaving i've realised just how much it actually is like that. I also realise how much I thrive in that environment.

What I came to realise at Blue Indigo Yoga was that we can find family anywhere, all we need is to have an open mind and an open heart. We can be reconnected with our soul family anywhere, anytime. This is the beautiful part about meeting new people. Sure, we're not going to connect deeply with everyone, but the ones you do, wow!

The concept of living as a community, helping each other, learning from each other etc came into my life about 4 years ago but only now after these recent experiences has it really gained merit. I guess i'd been trying to be so independent for so long, i'd shut off from wanting to let others in. Now though, my desire is to build a community and space for family to gather. Where people can come together to learn, heal and grow. Workshops, retreats, classes, ceremonies, gatherings, trainings. A community and family, living, helping and experiencing together.

While I LOVE my alone time and space, there is something about being in a community; a family; a tribe; helping and being in service of one another, bringing meaningful connection and high vibrations. Sitting down to meals together, sharing duties, stories, practice, in union, as one. This to me is the true meaning of yoga, in all its forms and what I embody.

Blue Indigo Yoga Family

Stay tuned for more of my journey as I continue travelling, learning and growing.


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